Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review

What a big year it has been for the Parrishs! 

Josh and I went to a Brad Paisley and The Band Perry concert in Kansas City.  My first big concert.

Went to Monster Jam in Kansas City and found out the same night that I was pregnant!

Announced to everyone that we were expecting!  And also started working at the golf course.
My dad came to visit and the three of us spent Easter together.

Our 3rd Anniversary! Josh graduated from Airman Leadership School and we found out we were having a baby girl!

Mom and Dad came to visit and work on the nursery began!

 Josh went to the All Star game and we both celebrated birthdays!

Josh went to Alaska and my sister came to visit.  We found out Josh passed his Staff Sergeant test.

Ohio baby shower, Bruce Springsteen concert in Chicago and Missouri baby shower.  Last day of work.

The birth of our wonderful daughter, Penelope!  My parents and sister came to visit.

Thanksgiving.  Visits from Aunt Jenay, Maamaw and Papaw Wires.

Josh was promoted to Staff Sergeant.  First Christmas for Penelope.  My parents and sister came to visit again.



Who knows what 2013 will bring.  Maybe a deployment?  Probably moving to a new house on base.  Hopefully finishing my degree!  Happy new years to all!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2 months old


She loves watching tv.  Only for about 15 minutes at a time though.  We have lights on our Christmas tree that blink and she likes looking at those.  In the morning when she wakes up and starts fussing because she is hungry, I lay her in her Boppy under the tree and she looks at the lights while I make her bottle.  She just learned to smile and it's adorable.  We don't go out to eat much, but when we do she likes to sit on my lap while I eat and stare eye-level at my food.  She behaves really well at restaurants and only got fussy one time. Luckily, we were at a buffet so could eat quick and go.

watching tv
11 pounds and 8 oz puts her in the 68 percentile and 22 inches long puts her in the 37 percentile.  A month ago, she was 8 pounds and 11 oz (34%) and 19 3/4 inches (7%).  She is growing too fast! 

I never really realized how much I have changed since becoming a mother.  I was watching a movie the other day, Fireproof, and a firefighter ran into a burning house to save a ten-year-old girl.  The parents didn't know their daughter was still in the house and when they found out, the dad tried to run in the house to get her but was tackled by firefighters.  That is when I first lost it.  I can't imagine not being able to even try to save your child from a situation like that.  To have to rely on a stranger to save your precious child.  So that was sad watching the dad being held to the ground in front of his burning house and the mother screaming in the background.  But the firefighter did find the girl.  She was unconscious and the firefighter was having trouble finding a way out of the house and I was bawling.  It was like, the saddest thing I have ever seen.  Before having a child I would have thought it was sad, but wouldn't think twice about it.  It's just a movie after all.  Maybe my hormones are still out of wack after having her.

And with the news recently.... I think it really affects me more being a mother since I can relate now.  I cry watching the news about Sandy Hook because I can't imaine going through something like that.  You can't understand emotion and love like that until you are a parent, no matter how hard you try.  Before being a parent, I would have though, how sad, that must be awful.  But now, I'm actually heartbroken for the families.  Josh had mentioned homeschooling before this event, but on Friday afternoon, I was Googling "benefits of homeschooling" and "how to home school."  We are seriously considering it, even though we still have about 5 years.  In today's world, it seems so scary sending your child out in the world when you can't be with them to protect them.  

In other sad news, a fellow POL family lost their baby boy last week.  Their baby was 3 days older than Penelope and we went to visit them in the hospital the day he was born.  I still can't believe it.  I can't imagine losing my perfect little Penelope.  So I've been praying extra hard for God to keep her safe.  Last night she was sleeping in her swing for about 2 hours, which is longer than usual so I, like many moms, wanted to make sure she was still breathing.  We ending up scaring each other.  I put my hand on her chest and her arms and legs shot straight out.  That made me jump with her reacting so fast.  She didn't wake up though.  It was kind of funny. 

Ok ok, let's talk about happy things now.  Penny has changed a lot in the last month.  She rolls over!  She first was rolling over on the couch (from tummy to back) but I didn't know if that "counted" because the couch is soft so maybe it helped her somehow or was easier, like she was just kind of falling over.  Yesterday was the second time she rolled over while being on the floor so I feel more confident when I tell someone she can roll over.  She also started to really smile 2 weeks ago.  I've started going to the gym twice a week with a friend.  One day I came home and Josh was holding her.  I got right in her face and said "hey baby!"  Her face lit up and she gave me a big smile.  That's one of the best feelings.  She knows who I am and is happy to see me.  I really don't like putting her down much because I know how much she loves me and I love making her feel safe and comforted.  Who doesn't like falling asleep in someone arms?  She clings to me like a baby monkey.

She likes to stand up.  When I sit her on my leg to burp her, she stands up and I have to try to burp her while she is standing.  That is difficult since I'm also holding her up so she doesn't fall. But some times, she just doesn't want to sit; she wants to stand.  She does this a lot on the changing table too.  Sometimes I'll just try to set her up so I can put something under her back, like a button up top, and she will be like, "Nope, I want to stand."  Sometimes I think she gets frustrated that she can't crawl or stand on her own yet.

We went to the clinic yesterday for her 2 month check up and Josh had her sitting on the exam bed thing and was playing with her while we waited for the doctor to come in.  He held his finger in front of her and she reached out and grabbed it!  5 seconds before that I said, "I can't wait until she grabs something because she wants to instead of accidentally."  It's so cool watching her develop and learn to do new things and it is exciting that we have so many new things to look forward too, giving her food for the first time, crawling, talking, walking, her first tooth... It's all so exciting.  Sometimes I say, "I can't wait until you can..." but then I think I don't want her to get any bigger.  Then I can't force her to cuddle with me.  She will be able to run away!

Skyping with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Faith
My mom, dad and sister are visiting for a few days after Christmas and I'm really excited for them to see her since she is bigger and more alert.  They were down here when she was 4 days old. They are going to have so much fun with her now that she can do more and is awake more.       

This is a picture I just took.  She is sleeping on my lap while I'm typing this.  And this is how I look on a daily basis, lol.  No make-up and messy hair.  I started my online classes in the beginning of December.  Accounting II.  I have an 80-something in it right now and am A-Ok with that.  I usually have to wait until Josh gets home to do any work and even then I'm still distracted.  If I hear her cry, I want to go over and sooth her or if I hear Josh laugh, I want to know what she did.  I really should be doing my homework now though, since she is sleeping.  I have two discussion questions due at the end of the day but I want to get it done soon since today is gym day.  Oh!  I have lost around 35 pounds since I had her. 20 in the first 10 days, 25 total in the first month and I lost 10 this past month. Still can't fit into my jeans though. =(  All of my baby weight went to my thighs and hips.  I think that is kinda weird.  I still have muscle definition in my arms and didn't gain any weight in my face.  Hopefully I will lose the rest of the weight soon because I refuse to buy pants in a bigger size.  That's like accepting it.  Plus, it's kind of like getting a reward, a bunch of "new" pants after I lose the weight.  I'm thinking 2 months at the absolute most.  At least I'm lucky that it is jean weather and not shorts weather.  I was watching NickMom the other night and the moms were saying that the time-frame to lose your baby weight is 2 years.  They said if you haven't lost it in 2 years, it's not baby weight anymore.  I don't know about you, but I think 2 years is a long time.  I would say a year tops.  The average is 6 months.  If it takes you 2 years to lose your baby weight, you aren't trying that hard. 
What's new for Josh?  Well he is officially a Staff Sergeant now.  He has to take tests about his new roll and new information he needs to know.  He studies about an hour every night and he is doing awesome on the tests he has taken so far.  There are 3 tests total.  He finished test one and did part 1 of test 2 yesterday and got a 97%.  (I guess there are really 9 tests total, with 3 tests per book).    
Well I think I rambled on long enough.  Penelope is now laying on the ground, staring at the Christmas tree with a severe case of the hick-ups. =] 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!