Thursday, November 21, 2013

Citrus Lane- 13 months

Citrus Lane is a company that sends a special box full of goodies to your child each month based on their age. They do birth- 5 years old. I pay $25 a month and this special box arrives on my doorstop around the middle of the month.  This is the third box Penelope has received.  What I like about this company is so far, everything that has come in the box, I have never seen in a store and many of the products are "green.''  Plus, there is always a little something included for mom ; ) You can also go to their website and choose to have a product added to that months package for a little extra.  I have yet to do this though.  They also send a description of each product along with a promotional code.


The first thing we both noticed in the box was a tug boat bath toy from Green Toys.  She loves bath toys and doesn't have many so I'm excited about this.  It can also be used as a pitcher to wash her hair. And can be thrown in the dishwasher!  It is on sale on Amazon for now for $9.09, but is regularly $12.99.  The promo code is for 10% off from their until 1/15/14.

Next was Zootensils from Skip Hop.  I think they are just adorable!  She doesn't have any toddler utensils yet.  I actually just ordered some forks a few days ago but they are not this cool!  They have chunky handles and soft grippers so they are easy to hold in little hands.  They retail for $5.99 on Amazon.  The promo code is for 25% off a purchase of $30 or more on until Dec 16.

As soon as Penelope saw the pouch of baby food, she grabbed it and started sucking on the lid.  (I haven't let her feed herself with a pouch yet because I'm afraid it will be a huge mess.)   Second Blends from Plum Organics is made with organic fruits and veggies.  The first time she tried Plum Organics was actually about 15 minutes before opening her Citrus Lane box.  My sister gave me one pouch after seeing it on sale in the store she works.  She had a cherry, sweet corn and greek yogurt blend.  I don't know how they come up with these combinations, but she gobbled it up!  These retail for $1.79 and did not come with a promo code.

Josh was just complaining that he doesn't like the baby food jars that I fill with snacks and throw in the diaper bag so it's lucky that we got two reusable snack bags from Bumkins.  These bags are eco-friendly and waterproof.  They can be washed by hand or tossed in the washing machine.  They retail for $6.95 on Amazon and the promo code is 35% a purchase from through the end of the year.

MY gift is a lip balm.  Lip Comfort from PurLisse.  This will be great for the winter time when lips are especially chapped.  When I looked up the price on Amazon, I couldn't believe it.  $15.37!  There was one lip balm that was $7 so I was sure that was the one they sent me, but nope.  They gave me the $15. 37 lip balm!  The promo code is for 20% off thru the end of the year.

When you add that all up, the box was worth $39.19 and I only paid $25 so I think it's a pretty good deal.  Plus, I love that they send me things I didn't even know I (she) wanted. 

They also send this coupon for  Four sets of address labels and free shipping ($30+ value with shipping). This is good until Jan 15. The catch is you have to spend $99!  So, I'm not interested in that because I can't imagine spending almost a hundred dollars on Christmas cards or stationary.  I think last month there was something like this, but it was just a discount on a magazine subscription or something. 

So I'll do this each month with the packages.  I know it's helpful to what you're getting into before you decide to spend $25 a month on a "surprise" package. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Amber teething necklace

Penelope has been wearing an amber necklace since she was six months old.  I feel as if every mother I know has asked me about them and if they work.  At her check-up a few weeks ago, I had two nurses ask me if it works.  Sometimes I get annoyed because I think it works and I don't know why so I'm always like, "Yup."  So I decided to do some research so I will be more educated on the subject and now everyone will know my opinion.

I don't remember where I first heard of these teething necklaces but I didn't want to be the only mom without one!  Turns out no one I knew used them.  I bought one off of Amazon for $20 and my husband thought I was crazy. Then I tried to explain it to him and did a really bad job.  "It's supposed to help with her teething, like the stones take the pain away." I've read the history of the necklaces before, but I always forget.  Well, Josh finally got on board when his barber swore by it.  He was the same way. His wife bought his son a "hippy necklace with healing powers" and he thought it was a waste of money, until his son lost his.  He said his son was without the necklace for two weeks before they bought him another one because he was so cranky.  So finally Josh backed me up.

One thing I worried about was the fact that the necklaces are supposed to be worn at all times and not taken off or else it won't work.  Obviously I was worried about her sleeping in it and strangling. The good thing about the necklaces is that it is just the right length.  Not too long to get tangled and not too short to be too tight.  When I lay her down I make sure it's loose but we have never had a problem with it and I haven't heard of other moms having a problem either. 

When people asked me if it worked, I would say, "I think so.  Her two teeth cut through before I noticed she was even teething." It's hard to tell if it is working because you don't know what it would be like if she wasn't wearing one.  Some babies teeth easier than others.  But if it is working, you don't want to take it off.  Penelope's nurse was telling me she asked one mom about the necklace and she said, "I don't know if it works but I'm not taking it off in case it does."  Makes sense to me!

Penelope lost her necklace once. I looked all over and couldn't find it.  It was right after my family visited and she is always cranky after family leaves because she is smothered with attention for a week straight then it's just mommy (and daddy when he's not at work).  She would not sleep in her crib for at least a week.  I had to hold her at nap time and bring her into our bed at night.  I was losing my mind and it didn't make sense to me.  Josh finally mentioned she could be fussy without her teething necklace.  I went to a local store the next day, bought her a new necklace and she was happy!  So that is why I tell people it works.  She is normal with it on and fussy with it off.  Teething sounds so awful and painful so if I have to buy a $20 necklace to sooth her, no problem.

So why does it work?  There are a lot of imitation necklaces made from plastic or glass but the real ones are Baltic amber with succinic acid. When against skin, it is absorbed and circulated to relieve stress and pain. It is said to reduce pain directly associated with teething such as pain, swollen gums, red cheeks... These remedies have been known and used for centuries and the amber necklaces are very common in Europe.  There are adult necklaces or bracelets to sooth aches and pains and stress.

There you have it!  I think it works and I'm not the only one.  There are plenty of articles and reviews on the internet if you want to research it yourself.  And if you see a child wearing an amber teething necklace, it's probably because it works!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Welcome back

Well, it's about time I bring the baby blog back into action.  Although she is now a toddler! GASP! My last post was when she was 6 months and in a week and a half, she will be 13 months.  I am not going to bother trying to remember or go back through everything since  then.  But a quick update: She is 20.5 lbs, 28 inches. 6 teeth.  Has been walking since 10 months old.  Can sign 2 words clearly, eat and more. She is always talking and babbling but doesn't say many English words, haha.  She has been in a wedding and made her second trip to Ohio.      

I have a few topics I've wanted to talk about, mainly the amber teething necklace and baby sign language.  That's what I get asked about most. But I couldn't just go on a hiatus for almost 7 months and come back like nothing happened.  Now that she is a little older, she is giving me more freedom so hopefully blogging regularly will come back into the picture.