Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10 months old

He is really starting to form a personality.  But right now, his personality is grouchy because he is getting his fifth tooth,  and probably a sixth soon.  He learned how to wave and it's so cute.  He puts his palm up in front of him and moves his fingers like he is saying, 'come here.'   He rolls his Rs when he gets mad.  When he is so upset it's almost hard to take him seriously with the buzzing that he does with his tongue. 

He is great at crawling and he can walk behind his push walker.  I'm trying to get him to stand and balance on his own.  Every time I try to let go of him, he sits down right away.  Penelope started walking when she was 10 months, but I think Oliver is happy crawling for now.

He loves crawling up the stairs.  Anytime the gate is clear, he bolts for the stairs and when I "chase" him, he laughs and starts crawling the stairs faster.  It's adorable.  It he's going towards the stairs, and we rush over to put the gate up, he stops and starts crying. Poor kid. 

He can drink out of a straw now.  It's great because he still doesn't do well with bottles.  I just put water in the cups and he sips on it throughout the day or when we are outside.  I wonder how he would do if I put breast milk or formula in the cup...

He had his first table food a few days ago.  Pancakes.  I watched him like a hawk and he did well.  I ripped up the pieces very small, too.  Still has major food envy.  He loves sucking on apple slices, but those make me nervous too.  I think I'll try to get him on some more table foods, but I'm always afraid he will choke with his 4 1/2 teeth.

Believe it or not, I'm still trying to get him to sleep flat on his back in his crib.  He loves sleeping in his rocker or swing where it is a bit more cozy.  When I lay him in his crib, he sleeps at the most, 30 minutes.  So some nights, I do it and other nights, I put him in the rocker, because it's already midnight and I just want to sleep too.  I'm sure it will be better (hopefully) when we have our own house and Oliver has his own bedroom.  Right now his crib is about 2 feet away from our bed and I'm sure we take turns waking each other up at night.

Weight: 23.5 pounds
Height: ?
Size Clothes: 12-18 months
Size Diapers: 4
Sleeping Habits: always awful
Eating Habits: Still breastfeeding and eats a jar of baby food about once a day.