Saturday, June 28, 2014

Oliver's birth story

On June 19, I went into my last check-up at the doctor's office.  But to my dismay, in the last 8 days, no real progress had been made.  I was still 50-70% effaced and 3-4 centimeters dilated.  I really thought he would have been born by now since Penelope was 4 days early and those numbers seem pretty favorable to me.  Since my due day was the next day, she suggested I schedule for an induction, just in case.  I certainly didn't want to go past 41 weeks.  (The office I go to has male and female doctors but I made all my appointments with female doctors and was just going to pray that a male doctor was not on call the day I went into labor.)  The doctor I saw said, "Well, since you have been seeing Dr. Chung, I'll have to call her and see when she was available for an induction."  I liked that part, because I knew I would have a female doctor then.  I was still upset though because I felt like Oliver was never coming and I didn't want to be induced.  I wanted to sit around and time my contractions and speed off to the hospital.  I didn't want to go into the hospital while not in labor, to have a baby.  I have heard inductions take a long time too.  So anyways, the induction was scheduled for Monday June 23 and 5 am.  That was only 4 days away.  Needless to say, I was not in a great mood after that.

After my appointment, Josh went over to his dad's house and then went to his mom's.  I didn't have anything to do, so I went to CVS with my mom and the laundry mat to wash comforters.  When I was at CVS two employees wanted to make small talk about the size of my belly.  One of them even said to my mom (in front of me), "Poor thing.  She looks miserable!"  Uh, thanks so much.  In the mean time, I have been having random cramps but attributed that to my exam from earlier. 

We get home and my mom cooks dinner.  The only people home are my mom and dad and me and Penelope.  At this point, I'm starting to wonder if I'm having contractions and the cramping isn't just from the exam.  So after dinner, I think near 6 pm, I start timing them.  They aren't very close together.  Every 7-10 minutes and between 20-40 seconds long.  It is suggested to wait to go to the hospital until they are 5 minutes apart and 1 minute long.  They weren't very strong either.  At 7 pm, I texted Josh and told him I was timing my contractions, but that they weren't very close together yet. 

The next few hours are uneventful.  I know Josh came home shortly after and made sure to stop and get an energy drink on the way home.  Penelope went to bed and Josh and I watched Orange is the New Black while I continued to time contractions.  They were never 1 minute long, but would be 4 minutes apart.  I decided to take a shower because I figured we were going to the hospital that night.  I asked my mom to straighten my hair for me so it would look good for pictures :)  Josh suggested that I try to get some sleep while he showered because we were probably going to have a long night ahead of us.  By this time, my contractions started to become painful.  After Josh got out of his shower, he insisted we try to go to sleep.  It was about 1 am now.  Sleeping didn't work.  Every few minutes, I was groaning in pain.  So about 10 minutes later, we decided it was time to go to the hospital.  The hospital is in another town and takes probably 30 minutes to get there.  Since it was early in the morning and Josh was speeding, we made it in 14 minutes.  He asked if I needed him to run some red lights, but I told him no. 

Once we got to the delivery room, it was 2 am and I was 6 centimeters dilated.  I asked for an epidural right away.  I didn't have one with Penelope and was happy with that.  This time around, I decided I wanted one to have a more enjoyable labor for both me and Josh.  The nurse also mentioned to me that Dr. Chung was on call that night!  I honestly couldn't believe it!  I was expecting one of the old male doctors that I have never met before.  So anyways, I got my epidural and she broke my water.  After that, Josh and I were in a much better mood.  I was goofy and Josh was relaxed.  He was also freezing. We were able to nap for short periods of time.  I would guess around 4 or 5 am, the nurse said that I was 10 centimeters and 100% effaced, but his head was still high.  She told me to let her know when I felt pressure to push.  I asked how I was supposed to feel pressure, when my epidural prevents me from feeling anything.  Around 630 or so, she turned my epidural down so I could feel the contractions.  His head was still high.  They told me that Dr. Chung was now off call and asked if I wanted her to stay or if the new doctor could deliver Oliver.  Of course it was a male doctor that I had never met, so I said I would like her to stay.  Close to 7, I was getting irritated that nothing had changed in hours and the nurse said I could try pushing and see if his head lowered.  With one push, he dropped significantly and they called the doctor in.  (Then I was kind of annoyed because I could have done that 2 hours ago.) 

With Penelope, I pushed for an hour and a half and it was awful, also without medication.  So this time, I was determined to get him out as quick as possible.  I started pushing at 7:35 and he was born at 7:56 am.  When they laid him on my chest, he grabbed my finger <3

I was astonished when they said he weighed 9 lbs, 2 ounces and was 21 & 3/4 inches long!  Penelope was 7 lbs, 2 ounces and 19 inches long.  And I gained 2 more pounds in my pregnancy with her.  Josh said, you should have seen your face when they told you his weight.  Hahaha. 

Josh's mom was in the waiting room.  She stopped by before work, but she had to leave before she could see him.  About two hours after he was born, my mom, dad and sister stopped by with Penelope. 

The night before we were supposed to be discharged, the nurses said Oliver's bilirubin levels were high and he might be jaundice.  We were hoping to leave the hospital by noon and at 2 pm, we were still waiting on test results.  His levels went up and he had to go under the lights.  They said he would be under the lights 24/7 and only come out to eat.  They discharged me and I was considered a "boarding mother."  I could come and go as a pleased, but would not be receiving care anymore.  Now it was more like a hotel.  I really missed Penelope so Josh and I left Oliver under the lights and went home to see her.  We stayed for a few hours and went back to the hospital.  His levels were still high, so we spent the night.  By the next afternoon, he went down from 15 to 12 and he had to be around 10 to be discharged.  We went back home around noon to have lunch and see Penelope.  I called the hospital at 5 to check on him.  Apparently, his levels were low and they took him out from under the lights at 1:30.  I wish they would have told me, because that meant I could finally hold and snuggle him.  He had to be out from under the lights for 5 hours, then retested to make sure he didn't rebound.  Around 7 or 8, we found out that he was ok and could be discharged!  We packed up that room as quick as we could and high tailed it out of there! 

His car ride home from the hospital
So there you have it, Oliver's birth story.  And of course, the first night home is always the hardest.  It's like he knows the nurses aren't around to help anymore.  I probably got around 4 hours of sleep that night.  He is 8 days old now and we are slowly falling into a groove.  Although, my mom's 2 week vacation ends in a few days.  Then we might be in trouble again ;)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Oliver's "nursery"

Well, since we are temporarily living with my parents, Oliver doesn't have his own room yet. (Penelope does)  He does have his own area at the foot of our bed.  (To the left is our "living room")
We hung up his curtains behind his dresser for a nice back drop.  Makes me feel like it's a little more complete.  I'll put pictures in the two white frames once he's here.
I think this set-up is pretty similar to what it would look like in his own room.  Except his "O" would be on his door, rather than hanging from the ceiling.  (That's my hospital bag on the ground, waiting to be finished)

I haven't decided which changing pad to use, the one on the dresser, or bassinette.  They are different heights, so I'll try them both and remove which ever I don't use.  My mom made him the blanket that's on his bassinette.  We will have our own place by the time he is big enough for his crib.

Top left dresser drawer.  I hope I can keep it organized.  I can't believe how tiny his newborn diapers are.  They are the size of my hand!

Top right drawer: Socks, booties, bibs and hats. 
In the other dresser drawers are 0-3 clothes, newborn clothes, swaddling blankets and the bottom two drawers are blankets/sheets and wipes that I have been stocking up on for months.
I will do another post about the kids' rooms months from now when we buy a house and they have their own space and I get to paint and decorate everything! 

39 weeks

39 weeks!  I can't believe that I could go into labor at any minute!  Penelope was born at 39 weeks and 3 days and with her, I was almost 3 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced when I had my membranes swept and she was born about 36 hours later.  Two days ago, I was 3 centimeters and 70% effaced and my membranes were swept.  No signs of labor yet!  I even did quite a bit of walking yesterday.  I'm determined to have him on an even numbered day.  Penelope's birthday is 10.18.12 and Oliver's will be 6.?.14.  I just like even numbers I guess.  Like it's good luck or something.  I really need to finish my hospital bag.  Like now!  I'm still nervous to have him. I know it's not going to be fun.  I just want it to be quick.  With Penelope, I had my first contraction at 3:30 am and she was born at 9:09 am. And I'm still back and forth about the epidural.  I'm just going to see how fast it goes when I'm at the hospital.  After my mom gets off work today, she will have 2 weeks off to help.  She will probably mostly be helping with Penelope and getting jealous when I hog Oliver.  :)
There is an 80% chance that this is going to be the last time I give birth (if you ask Josh, it's more like 100%).  So it's really bittersweet.  If we decide not to have anymore, I'm going to be really emotional knowing this will be my last newborn.  But we will see what happens in a few years.  I'm not making any permanent decisions now.
Everything for Penelope's Big Sister Kit finally arrived.  Like I mentioned before, most of the ideas I found for one, were geared towards older kids.  I had to hide the package from her when it came and put her down for her nap right away, so I could dig in.  Everything I ordered was from Amazon except for the shirt, that was Target.  My friend Manda got her the super awesome book that came with the medal/necklace in the front. 
My sister and I took Penelope to Kingwood Center yesterday.  It used to be someone's personal property.  I don't know the whole story, but now it's open to the public and mostly just gardens and flowers.  When we went, the mansion was closed.  They are having a wedding this weekend, so that's probably why.  Penelope had fun feeding the ducks and being able to run wild.  I did not have as much fun because my feet are swollen and walking around for a long time makes them sore.  But it's a great place to get pictures!




How far along? 39 weeks!!!
Maternity clothes? Of course.  And a lot of the shirts are getting too small.  Living in sweats.
Best moment this week: My doctors appointment
Miss Anything?  excited for my first beer
Movement:  Yes, still kicking in there.
Food cravings: water water water
Sleep: I would say good for a pregnant woman
Anything making you queasy or sick: not lately
Have you started to show yet: I'm kinda hard to miss.
Gender: boyyyyy
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks, especially if I stand or walk around too much.
Belly Button in or out? Far out! Seriously thinking I'll have a permanent outie after all this.  
Wedding rings on or off? Gave Josh his band back and am wearing a ring I got out of a Diamond Candle
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, sometimes moody/emotional
Looking forward to: Meeting Oliver!  Getting labor and the actual birth over with. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

38 weeks

(lazy chalkboard week)

I really feel like he will be here soon.  Like, in a week.  Which is kind of weird to think about.  But I'm also getting tired of looking at his little clothes and bassinet and not having him here.  I talk about him like he's here.  I'll say, "He's sleeping right now.  He usually wakes up at around 10."  So I'm really ready for him to come.  I finally have everything ready.  I have all his supplies and everything is clean and set up. 

The only thing left really is to finish packing my hospital bag.  Josh keeps reminding me that if I forget something, he or my mom can run home and get it for me.  But it also is a 20-30 minute drive so I don't think they want to be making multiple trips a day.  Hopefully I will only be there for two days.  I'm only bringing a "coming home" outfit for Oliver and myself.  Not multiple outfits.  I know some people bring their own pillows and blankets and clothes and movies.  Maybe if it was for a week, but I can rough it for a few days.  After I had Penelope and was in the hospital, there were a lot of things I brought but didn't really use. Like my laptop, baby book and other forms of "entertainment."  But I was very thankful for snacks.  I wasn't a big fan of the food so I was always snacking on peanut butter m&ms.  I've seen tons of hospital bag checklists and they are ridiculous.  Like people are literally packing for a weekend getaway.  It's just more things to forget.  And then when you leave the hospital, you your husband has to make 3 trips to the car.  People go way overboard. You don't need all that stuff!  You should focus on your newborn.

I am in the process of making Penelope a big sister kit.  Everything I've seen on Pinterest or other sites are geared towards older kids.  I, of course, got her a big sister shirt.  My friend got her a big sister book that came with a medal for her to wear.  I ordered her a puzzle, sticker book and Magna Doodle.  These are to keep her busy in a boring hospital room.  She is so active, that she will be tearing up the room and whoever brings her to visit will have to be chasing her instead of seeing Oliver, IF I don't have anything to keep her busy.  The toys are supposed to arrive sometime next week.  I hope I get them in time!

My hips have been feeling a lot better and I'm not walking around with a cane anymore!  It was my bed.  And I'm surprised a bad mattress can leave me in pain for the entire day.  We splurged on a memory foam topper and it is really great.  It's still not easy getting up after I have been sitting or laying down for a few hours.  But I am not in pain for the whole day.  Wish we would have thought about this sooner. 

I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday.  I was 1 centimeter dilated, 75% effaced and Oliver's head was in a -2 station.  She said his head was pretty low and that I was "favorable" haha.  I'm hoping that means a smooth labor. My next appointment is on Wednesday and I'm excited to see how much things have progressed and also get my membranes stripped.  I did the same with Penelope and she was born less than 2 days later.  My doctor said they can induce me at 39 weeks if I just can't take it anymore.  But who wants to be induced?  No thanks, he will be here soon enough. 

Wonder if my next post will be a 39 week chalkboard or a beautiful newborn face :)

How far along? 38 weeks
Maternity clothes? That's all I wear besides dresses. And even some of my maternity clothes are getting too small
Best moment this week: My doctors appointment
Miss Anything?  red bull
Movement:  Yes, still kicking in there.
Food cravings: Wild Cherry Pepsi. Always.
Sleep: Finally good! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: not lately
Have you started to show yet: too much
Gender: boyyyyy
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks, especially if I stand or walk around too much.
Belly Button in or out? Far out! Seriously thinking I'll have a permanent outie after all this.  
Wedding rings on or off? Gave Josh his band back and am wearing a ring I got out of a Diamond Candle
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, sometimes moody/emotional
Looking forward to: Meeting Oliver and no longer being pregnant.