Friday, February 20, 2015

8 months

Oliver is 8 months old today!

He is starting to be more active and play with people, especially Penelope.  He runs around in his walker though the kitchen and Penelope rides her school bus and says, "Oli chase me!" And he tries to catch her, but she laps him every time.  It's cute because I can tell that he kind of knows what's going on and is actually trying to get her.  They also play and splash around in the bath quite a bit.  Lately, after they are all washed and it's time to get out, Penelope will lay on her belly and hug him and sometimes kiss his arms.  She knows I won't get her out of the tub with that going on.  One time she was sitting behind him hugging him and I was trying to pick him up to dry him off and she wouldn't let me.  But I think she is starting to get a little jealous.  She has been pushing him over when he's sitting up on the ground.  But maybe she just thinks it's funny and doesn't realize it's bad.  I actually saw her get a pillow and put it behind him, with the intention on knocking him over, but I stopped her.  She hasn't done it again since she was scolded by Daddy. 

With the snow and ice and 3 degree weather, we try not to leave the house.  I did move him up to a big car seat and doing away with the infant carrier.  It's just getting to heavy to lug around.  I have been putting it off because I don't know what to do when I go to a store with the two of them since there is only one basket seat in the cart.  I bought something for Penelope to hold onto when she walks next to the cart.  It's not a leash.  There's a carabineer that you clip to the cart and a "rope" with a handle on the end that she holds onto.  Granted, she can let go at any time and run away.  I've only used it once and realize how slow I have to push the cart while she's walking along beside it.  It worked though.  She was very excited and probably felt like a big girl.  The handle looks like a bumblebee so I would say, "Don't drop the bee!" and she only did once in about 30 or 40 minutes.  But anyways, Oliver is in a big car seat and looks so small in it.  (Don't worry, it's appropriate for his age and facing backwards). 

I have a sling carrier and one that straps on to your chest.  I'm not great at figuring out the sling since he has gotten older.  It was perfect for when he was a few months old and great for breastfeeding in public.  The other one I have is packed away somewhere and I keep saying how nice it would be to have it.  Well, since we have no idea where it is and it's been 8 months, I ordered a new one today.  It's $25 on Amazon so I don't feel guilty.  Just wish I would have done it sooner.  The weight limit is 36 pounds, so we could use it with Penelope even.  It won't be here until around Monday, but I'm excited about it.

I hate buying baby boy clothes!!! They are not as cute as little girl clothes and I'm usually like, eh, this is fine. I went to a second-hand store and was so stressed out because I couldn't find anything decent.  So we walked over to Old Navy and I'm like, geez, I'll just take one of each.  He needs clothes.  And the sizes are so different!  He can still wear some Carter's pajamas that are 6 months and fit into Old Navy 12-18 months, but they are a little roomy.  He usually wears his pajamas all day because I don't see the need to put him in a new outfit when we aren't leaving the house.  Cuts down on laundry.

He can pull himself up in the crib and on my leg.  He is soooo close to crawling.  He is mobile in the sense that he can slowly scoot around the floor in the sitting position. Just by lunging forward to reach something.  He just realized he can stick out his tongue and it is so adorable.  He also started clicking him tongue and making all sorts of other funny noises.

Weight: 23 pounds
Height: ?
Size Clothes: 9- 12 months
Size Diapers: 4
Sleeping Habits: Sleeping longer at night and waking up for shorter periods
Eating Habits: Still breastfeeding and eats a jar of baby food about once a day.