Sunday, November 18, 2012

1 month old

Penelope started growling and grunting in the last couple weeks.  She loves bath time.  She doesn't fuss at all.  Her first couple baths with difficult for us, but not anymore.  I think she likes being naked. haha.  Josh calms her down with helicopter noises.  It distracts her.  I just cannot wait until she starts smiling and meaning it.  It seems the only way she can sleep is in mommy's arms.  She can be dead asleep and I'll carry her to the bassinet and lay her down and she will be wide awake.

Nights are not fun for me.  For about 2 weeks I slept on the couch with her because I didn't want to disturb Josh with her crying and getting up all the time because he had to work.  But he got tired of sharing a bed with the dog instead of me.  I usually start off in bed holding Penelope until she wakes up.  Then I make her a bottle and feed her on the couch.  Then we fall asleep and spend the rest of the night on the couch.  It doesn't bother me much but I feel bad for Josh.   But I still miss my bed.  When she starts sleeping through the night it will be easier for everyone.

I think the reason she has trouble sleeping without me is because I don't like putting her down.  I know a lot of people say I need to put her down so she can sleep on her own. But I have been dreaming about what it would be like to have a daughter for years, even before I was married.  I can't get enough of her so I'm going to hold her and cuddle her as much as I can.  On the average day, I probably hold her around 20 hours.  I'm even typing with one hand right now because she's sleeping in my lap. 

Her hair is brownish red right now.  I hope she turns out to be a little red head.  That would be so cute! Sometimes she will cry in her sleep, only for about 3 seconds though.   We call her Penelope, Penny, Baby, Baby Turtle and Puppy. 

At one month---

She is now eating 3 ounces every 2-3 hours.  Sometimes she is still hungry, so I'll make her another ounce and she either gobbles it down and spits up a little or she falls asleep pretending to drink it.

She cannot hold onto her pacifier for more than 2 minutes.  I usually have to hold it in her mouth for her.

She will sleep between 2 and 5 hours a night, depending on how much she sleeps during the day.  But she almost always wakes up at 9 am.

She is great at holding her head up.  I think she can go about 30 seconds before resting. 

Weighs 8 lbs, 11 ounces and is 19 3/4 inches long.  That puts her in the 7th percentile for height and 34th for weight.  

Growing out of newborn diapers but that's ok because I only have 6 left and TONS of size 1 diapers.

Newborn clothes are getting tight, but newborn pants still fit.  A few 0-3 clothes fit but the pants are way too long for my shorty.

I have lost a total of 29 pounds but unfortunatly, I still have more to lose.  I'm really looking forward to my doctors appt in December so I can get the "all clear" and get back in shape. 

Question-  What do you get a 2 month old baby for Christmas?


1 week

2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
 And a video.  I love her eyes in this video.