Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Can babies see angels?

Does anyone think that babies can see angels?

Penelope likes to stare at the ceiling and smile.  I'd say this happens about once a day for about 3 minutes.  We have a pretty boring ceiling so I don't know what she could find so interesting up there.  I will reposition her and she will still be fixed on the same spot. 

I googled "can babies see angels" and there are a lot of discussion boards about it.  Many moms give the same description as I do.  Of course there are many who do not believe this. 

I think she can see passed family members spirits.  It doesn't scare me or anything.  Sometimes I think they are trying to help me out.  In the morning she will be crying because she is hungry and I will lay her in the middle of the living room floor to fix her bottle.  I'll come back and she will just be looking at the ceiling and smiling.  I feel like our relatives are checking up on her or making faces at her so she stops crying and smiles. 

I always wonder who is coming to visit her.  Is it the same person each time?  Is it someone on my side of the family or Josh's?  Is it a relative that we have even met or someone from long ago?

Some people may think it's silly, but I like to think she can see angels and that makes me feel pretty good.


  1. Maybe it's one of the "Leonas". I think it's very possible.

  2. I've totally had this happen before with my 5 month old!!

  3. Tyler used to stare at one corner of the room in Japan. It would freak me out... You know about the ghosts over there. It was always only at 7-8pm that he would do that. Creepy!! Thank goodness he doesn't do that anymore. I do believe that they can see things we can't.

  4. forgot about this.
    <3 that angel