Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years Resolution for 2014

I have been thinking had this year about what I want resolution to be.  Last year it was to lose my baby weight.  If I do the same one again, I won't be able to start until August. 

I made one for Penelope to give up the bottle.  She was really over it already but I would still give her one for some extra cuddling time.  They were all packed up and stored on January 1 and I don't know if she has noticed yet.  I think I was the one that needed weaned, not her.

I noticed a lot of my Facebook and Blogger friends resolutions are something similar to "slow down and enjoy each moment."  Well, I don't think I could slow down anymore.  I think I need to speed up.  But it is hard to do with this awful weather.  Today is about 4 degrees.  I need to get Penelope involved in more things outside of the house.  I need to take her to play dates, swimming, more trips to the zoo.  Especially before baby number two makes his or her arrival and little things become twice as difficult. 

If I had to make a resolution for myself it would also be to get more involved with things and make more friends.  Before Penelope was born I was party of a Bible study with about 5 other girls.  As is the military life, all but one have moved away.  I was way more social then.  I think I also blame not being social on having a baby.  "I can't take Penelope there...."  I still kind of feel that way.  I don't like dropping her off with a sitter and would rather take her with us.  And I am a homebody.  Even though I keep hoping that we will only be at this base for 1 or 2 more years.  That's still a long time if you only have 1 or 2 friends here.  So I need to meet more people and get involved with things that Penelope can too. 

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