Sunday, February 24, 2013

Time to get serious

As you can see, I did a little makeover to my blog.  Nothing major though.   I finally changed the header so it doesn't say "Baby Parrish Due 10-22-12"  I want to come up with another title now but until I think of something real catchy, The Adventures of Penelope P. will have to do.

So, when I started this blog I signed up for something that would give me the ability to make money from people visiting my site.  Then Blogger kind of re-did their layout and I couldn't find it to track my earnings anymore.  Well, I finally did.  I am only $8 away from earning my first $100 check!  The more people that visit my blog, and click on the ads I have on my page, the more money I will earn.  So I am more movitated than ever.  Heck, I was able to make $92 (in 10 months) by barely doing anything.  Maybe if I posted more and spent more time working on my blog, I would be able to get those checks quicker.

So now my goal is to post more often.  Hopefully once a week and not once a month like I have been lately.  It won't all be about Penelope directly.  I'll come up with topics like, making your own baby food, what to pack in your hospital bag, my favorite baby products and so on. 

So keep on checking in and clicking on those ads for me please!  Just think, you could be helping Penelope go to college. Lol. 


  1. well now you might need a new title for the blog.