Friday, March 8, 2013

How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats?

Totally forgot about children's book review Thursday.  Well, it's not really a book review, it's more like my favorite books.  This week is "How do dinosaurs love their cats?" by Jane Yolen and Mark Teag.
This is one of Penelope's favorite books.  Sometimes we read it 3 times in a row.  I almost have it memorized.  This book is good for young children because it has a lot of pictures and few works.  It is also hardback with cardboard-like pages so curious fingers can't destroy the book.  Each page there is a picture of a dinosaur and there is the name of the dinosaur under it.  Most I can't even pronounce.  This book is good for older children because it teaches you have to care for a pet and would be very helpful if there was a pet cat in the family.  Examples of this are "Does she give it cat toys and take them away?  No, she gives it cat toys that she makes by herself and also some catnip she keeps on the shelf."  Everything rhymes, which is more fun for me to read.
There are a lot of "How do Dinosaurs..." books.  How do dinosaurs... love their dogs, count to ten, say I love you, go to school, clean their rooms....
I love these books because they are different from the typical children's book but still teach children something.  This is the only Dino book I have but I will look into getting more.  Prices on Amazon vary from $6- $12.

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