Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The breastfeeding issue

This has been on my mind for a very long time and I finally need to voice my opinion. The issue is breastfeeding in public and why it is or isn't accepted.

I see things all over the internet that show a picture of a woman with a ton of cleavage and it says "why is this ok in public, but this isn't?" (Picture of a woman with her whole boob out breastfeeding.) Well, first off, who said massive cleavage in public is ok? I know it would make me uncomfortable. I'm sure it would make my husband uncomfortable too if only for the fact that he has to notice since he is a male and doesn't want to get caught and start a fight.

I am a mother and I am all for breastfeeding.  But I don't want to see your boob out of your shirt for any reason.  I don't see the big deal with covering up with a blanket or nursing cover in public. At least for the respect of others around you, or respect for your husband or to not embarrass your older children.  Even if I'm good friends with someone, I would use a cover and want them to do the same thing too.

Some people argue that it's natural so people should be ok with it.  Well, a lot of things are natural but I certainly wouldn't do in public.

My point is, (most)  mothers who argue for bare public breastfeeding think people who are against it are totally against breastfeeding. That's not true. It makes some people uncomfortable to see a stranger's boob when they are at a restaurant.  If a man can't enter an establishment without a shirt, why can a woman take her breasts out of her shirt at the same place? 

I am pro breastfeeding and even in public but I don't see the harm in being a little conservative and covering up, especially when you are around people you don't know.