Friday, February 14, 2014

22 weeks, Valentine's Day


Oliver is about a pound now and roughly 8 inches long. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Today we started by celebrating with a heart-shaped breakfast.  Then we all went swimming. Penelope was shivering the whole time, but didn't want to get out.  After we came home, She fell asleep right away and took a 2 hour and 20 minute nap. I bought Josh a home brewing IPA kit and he got me a dozen roses.  I haven't gotten a dozen roses since my 16th birthday from my dad. I also got Josh some heart-shaped Snickers but turns out, he can't eat them with his braces, so they are mine now =]  Penelope got some chocolate too.

He was in Guam last year on Valentine's Day while we were in Ohio.

Today has kind of been crazy for me.  I feel like I've been busy since I woke up.  After breakfast, we threw the dishes in the sink and ran to the pool before her nap.  Once she was sleeping, I worked on the chalkboard, lunch and the blog.  She got up and had lunch, then immediately we did the photo shoot and bath.  After she was dressed, I took more pictures of her in her Valentine's Day outfit and now it's almost 4 pm. The house is a disaster and I just want a nap.  To top it all off, I absolutely hate my camera and have been battling it all day and messing with the settings.  I so want a new one, but until it breaks, not gonna happen. 

Since Penelope has too many cute red/pink/heart outfits to just wear on one day for Valentine's Day, I decided to give her a Valentine's Day outfit everyday this week.  Plus, I just got her 4 pairs of adorable legwarmers from Screaming Owl so we had to take advantage of that. People wear Christmas gear for a whole month, so Valentine's Day can have it's own week, right?  Works out perfect since it's on a Friday this year. 

Onesie by Carters and legwarmers from Screaming Owl

Onesie by Carter's and tights from Healthtex

Onesie by Carter's and headband from Etsy

Top is from Etsy shop Saseadecor, skirt is Jumping Bean and legwarmers are Screaming Owl


I love Mom onesie by Carter's, cardigan by French Toast

Enough with the pictures, Mom!

Onesie by Faded Glory and legwarmers by Screaming Owl.
She insisted on wearing her new socks from Grandma. 
Headband from a small shop in my hometown.

Onesie by Carter's and legwarmers from Screaming Owl
(I know in most of these pictures, she is zoned out and watching TV but that is the only way she will sit still long enough for me to get a decent picture of her from the front.  She is not always watching TV, I promise.)

Even her swimsuit is pink with hearts on it!  We got it on sale last summer for $3!
Penelope last year on Valentine's Day

How far along? 22 weeks
Maternity clothes? I think there is about one pair of jeans I can comfortably wear now.  I can still squeeze into my "transition jeans" but they are so tight at the waist.  The problem with my maternity jeans is that they are a size small and about 3 inches too long so I cuff them.  I just bought a new pair of skinny maternity jeans, size small to keep my weight in check.
Sleep: It's hard to get to bed.  I wish I was in bed at 10 but the last few nights I have been up until 1 am.  Then I sleep on the couch from 7-9 am when Josh is home to watch and feed Penelope.
Best moment this week: Probably getting to feel Oliver moving around more.  His movements are so different than when I was pregnant with Penelope.  Oh, and we got offered a house!  We move in a month, I'll talk more about that in a later post I'm sure.
Miss Anything?  Sleeping on my back 
Movement: He is still moving really low.  It almost feels like he is below my belly.  Not sure if it can be felt from the outside yet.  Certainly can't see it yet.  It feels like he rolls around more than he kicks.
Food cravings: peanut butter toast and cake
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: Yes
Gender: A little mister!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? Far out! Seriously thinking I'll have a permanent outie after all this.  
Wedding rings on or off? On.  I got my ring cleaned and for now, no more rashes.  Since this is the second time it's happened in a few months, the jeweler thinks it's my hormones from being pregnant.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy.  I feel like I have so much to look forward to lately!  Moving into a new and bigger house, sister coming to visit in 3 weeks and my parents in 4, planning a fellow Air Force wife's baby shower, starting on the nursery, MEETING OLIVER and beach vacation in July! (plus, tax returns =] )
Looking forward to: Oops.  See above.  Plus, warm weather!


  1. Love this post! Penelope is so happy on Daddy's shoulders!

  2. you need to put a caption on the one in her swimsuit like you told me lol

  3. also, she looks just like you in the close up when she's wearing the Olive you shirt

  4. What a cute post! I really enjoyed the pictures too :)