Thursday, February 13, 2014

Daily accomplishments

I had to share with someone.  Penelope slept through the night!  She only does this a few times a month and when she wakes up at night, lately, it's a pain getting her back to bed.  Plus she's waking up between 645-700 now.  Not her 8-9 like she used to.  Last night I finally got her to bed at 910, after starting at 825.  I went to bed at 1015, which is early for me but since she's been getting up earlier, I forced myself to go to bed as soon as I was done cleaning up after her.  I heard her wake up and whine twice last night and almost got up, but she fell back asleep.  So she was in her crib for 10 hours and I finally got a good sleep!  I always say this, but it never happens, but I hope this pattern keeps up!

About a month ago, I decided I was going to start potty training her at 18 months and she is almost 16 months now.  I have been getting her ready, but not expecting anything from her.  Before she gets in the bath, she sits on the big potty for about a minute and we sing a song until she gets too anxious for her bath.  I got her a Seasame Street potty a few days ago and showed her how to use it.  She always follows me to the bathroom (or will sit outside the door and cry while daddy is trying to sleep ) so now she goes right to the potty and sits down on it.  About an hour ago, she was squatting in the living room and grunting so I said "Do you have to go potty? You go poo poo?" And she jumped up and ran to the bathroom!  I opened the door and she sat on the potty.  Still fully clothed.  I'm not concerned with trying to rip her diaper off.  I knew the deed was done, but wanted her to know where to go when she has to potty.  I was so proud of her for understanding what to do.  Hopefully when we get aggressive about potty training in 2 months, she will catch on quickly.

I was so happy with her sleeping and running to the potty that I had to share her accomplishments today.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for my big Valentine's Day post I've been working on all week!

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