Tuesday, April 29, 2014

32 weeks and 4 days

8 months pregnant.  Feels like a lot more. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm hoping it will go fast.  But I still don't want him to be early.  Josh won't be in Ohio with me until I'm a 37 weeks.  I also need to remember that I have less than two months of being a parent to one child and I should enjoy it and spend as much time as possible with Penelope (which I already do, since I'm a stay at home mom).  After Oliver gets here, it's going to be a while before I spend a lot of one-on-one time with her.  Kind of making me sad right now just thinking of it.  She has turned into such a snuggler lately, I love it. 

For Easter we went to Sunday service, which was strange to me because I double checked to make sure it started at 9:30 and we got there right at 9:30.  We saw 2 or 3 families walk in after us.  When we got there, the pastor was in the middle of his message and it lasted 45 minutes.  Then we sang a song or two and it was over.  All of the services I have been to, the message is near the end and between 20 and 30 minutes so I was really confused if we were late or not.  Plus, there is no nursery so Penelope was very bored and active.  After church, she got her Easter basket which was mainly toys and just a little chocolate.  I forgot to start my roast until about 2 or 3pm (and I don't like roast that much and Penelope doesn't at all) so Josh just took it to work with him that night and Penelope and I ate some sort of leftovers.  We were fine with it.  Since Josh and I have been married, we haven't done a lot for Easter. I usually just make a ham. Last year I had to work.  Once we are back home, I know we will be spending it with our families more.

We also tried out potty training last week.  But then I realized I had to put her in a diaper quite a lot because we had so many places to be.  I just had her in cotton training pants so she would realize when she went.  Sometimes she would whine after she did and other times she wouldn't.  She did use the potty once and Josh and I were both really excited, but she had no idea why.  After the third day, and she wasn't really tell me anything, I decided to take a break.  We have a two-day road trip coming up which I fully intend for her to wear a diaper the whole time so I was beginning to feel like it was a waste.  Plus, being very pregnant and having to run down the hallway to the bathroom with her, and bending down and cleaning up messes with bleach and chemicals didn't sound appeasing anymore. She's only 18 months old.  We've got lots of time.

Our 5 year anniversary is on Friday.  I still have no idea what to get him and time is really running out.  No time to order anything now without paying $20 for shipping.  Penelope is going to spend the evening at a friend's house while we stay home and have a Hobbit marathon.  Is it a marathon if there are only two movies?  The next day is our going away party.  Our friend is throwing it for us, but having it at our house so that way I can put Penelope to bed and don't have to leave early.  Should be a good time.  Then.... 5 days later, my mom is flying out here and staying for 2 days before her, Penelope and I drive back to Ohio. Josh will follow with the animals about 3 weeks later.  I hope that's all the longer it is.  I feel like I still have a millions things to do here before I leave then a million more after I get there.  But I'm still very excited. 

Bath time!

Watching The Lorax
How far along? 32 weeks and 4 day
Maternity clothes? That's all I wear besides dresses 
Best moment this week: Josh returning to day shift and being off of stupid nights.  I think all three of us are much much happier.
Miss Anything?  Not having a giant belly.  Not having my organs smooched and being short of breath
Movement:  Yes, still kicking in there.
Food cravings: Wild Cherry Pepsi. Always. Oh and chocolate.
Sleep: Can't sleep on my back or stomach and sleeping on my hips hurt.  The couch is most comfortable right now, honestly.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Greasy bacon
Have you started to show yet: I would say so
Gender: A little mister!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? Far out! Seriously thinking I'll have a permanent outie after all this.  
Wedding rings on or off? Still wearing Josh's band
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: Bitter sweet feelings about moving back home.  But I'm still looking forward to it.  Our going away party is this weekend and anniversary.

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