Friday, May 2, 2014

33 weeks and 5 years!

Today is our five year anniversary!  I decided to do a chalkboard this week since I have one on our 3rd anniversary. Each year, we take a picture together.  I don't have any printed out yet, but I plan to make some sort of a collage.  Eventually. After my computer crashed, I thought I lost the pictures from last year, but thankfully, they were on my old phone.  Even more motivation to print them off!

MAY 2, 2009
Our honeymoon was a weekend trip up to Lake Erie.  We went to a drive-thru safari and The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. He had to fly back to Japan 13 days later. And I didn't see him again for two months.
The night before our anniversary, we went out to the bars all dressed up with our friends.  The day of our anniversary, we drove to a military beach resort.  It was actually some sort of spring festival, so we watched fireworks on the beach and watched a Japanese rock concert. The next day, we went to a butterfly sanctuary.
We were in Missouri now and went out to dinner to celebrate two years together.
Don't know what we did to celebrate, but I was 15 weeks pregnant with Penelope.

I don't think we went out to dinner or anything.  All I remember is Penelope was sleeping and it was late, and I almost forgot to take pictures and Josh was being a good sport, even though he was tired and I had to take a million pictures.
I'm 33 weeks pregnant and Penelope and I leave for Ohio in just about a week.  Tonight, Penelope is going to our friend's house while we go out to dinner and watch a movie.  We are going to buy the second Hobbit movie and take it home to watch.  I don't think there is anything in the theater I'm very interested in and snuggling on the couch, kid free, is more fun.

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  1. Because if the angle it looks like Penelope took the last picture hahaha