Wednesday, October 22, 2014

4 months old

"Done, Mama."

 I'm doing this post a few days late because I wanted to get the right stats from his wellness checkup today.  I can hardly believe that he is 4 months old.  I feel like I say that just about every month though.  He is very tall.   He isn't fat though.  His BMI is 16.5 which is only in the 47th percentile, despite him being in the 97th for height.  

A few days after he was three months old, he rolled over from tummy to back once, but didn't do it again until a few days ago and he did it about 4 times in a row.  He only tolerates tummy time for maybe 10 minutes then gets fussy.  Sometimes I think he forgets that he can roll over. 

Penelope is starting to play with him, which is adorable.  She will give him a toy plate or cup.  Then she will fill it up with "tea" or feed him with a spoon. Penelope's second birthday was just this Saturday and we all had lots of fun.  I will do a separate post on that when I have time.

I'm waiting for him to consistently sleep through the night.  He will only sleep 5+ hours about once or twice a month. Maybe when he starts on solids, he will be fuller longer.  I plan to start him on rice cereal next month.

He's really good at grabbing things that you hold in from of him and his fingers are always in his mouth.  He started to grab his toes when I change his diaper.  Oliver also looooves bath time.  I have him in a mesh sling, but he always kicks and tries to grab the water when I pour it on his belly.  He is great at standing and supporting his own weight on his legs.  I just have to hold him steady since he is wobbly, but he locks his knees and stands up.  He's so strong.

I feel like there isn't a lot of things to update this month.  And besides Penelope's birthday and a trip to the pumpkin patch, we really didn't do anything exciting.  Oliver usually only leaves the house once a week or so.  I'm sure there will be more next month ;)

Weight: 17 lbs, 1 oz (87%)
Height: 27 inches (97%)
Size Clothes:  3-6 months
Size Diapers: 3
Sleeping Habits: Still wakes up multiple times a night 
Eating Habits: Every 3 hours for 30-40 minutes.

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