Monday, November 3, 2014

Penelope's Second Birthday!

While both kiddos are napping, I better get a head start on her birthday post.

We all woke up early.  The main reason was because her birthday party started at 1 and she needed a nap before then.  (Her usual nap is about 12:30-2 or so.)

I woke up at 7 am and put Oliver in the living room swing to continue sleeping.  My sister and dad then headed to the bakery for birthday cupcakes.  I woke Penelope up at 7:30.  This girl wakes up fast.  As soon as you open her door she wakes up and stands up.  I always tell her to slow down because her body isn't always ready to get going as quick as she is. 

It really felt like Christmas morning because we were all so excited and it was still dark outside, haha.  Then we made a donut tower and sang happy birthday.  After that, is was time to open gifts from Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa and Manda. She had fun playing with her new toys while we finished getting ready for her party.

So, onto the party details.  Her theme was pink and orange kitty cats.  My sister made her cupcake cake.  Orange frosting with pink cake. 
I made cat ear headbands with felt.  I did end up sticking my finger directly in hot glue and giving myself a pretty big blister.  But I thought it would be a cute alternative to party hats.  I only made ten, and mostly the kids wore them.  I also had glass milk bottles with raspberry lemonade.  I was going to do milk, since it is a kitty cat party, but they would get warm sitting out and not everyone likes milk.

I loved the backdrop I created.  The twisted crepe paper was simple and easy.  I hung yarn balls from the ceiling.  I took six foam balls and wrapped them in yarn and hot glued the end.  I cut the stings at different lengths.  They are actually still hanging up because no one has bothered to take them down. 
For food, I prepared tuna salad sandwiches, goldfish crackers...

...cheese cubes and cake batter puppy chow that was actually "kitty" chow.  The kitty chow was sooo sweet.  I kept going back and forth if I should make a new batch or if it was really supposed to be so sweet.  I ended up just leaving it, even though not much was eaten.

I made a fish banner out of yarn and construction paper and then used the fish as thank you cards after.  I had a kitty stamp and we stamped people's hands, like it was an official event.


After her party, my sister insisted on going to the pumpkin patch, even though it was only about 43 degrees outside.  We didn't stay long because we realized what a bad idea it was and no one was happy with the windy weather.  On the way home, Penelope was singing, "Happy birthday to you."  It was adorable. 
She had such a fun and busy day, and as expected, went right to bed.  I'm sure she wishes everyday was all about her. 


  1. So Adorable, you are so creative Sara :) Lori

  2. Birthday donuts you mean lol