Sunday, March 22, 2015

9 months

This post is a few days late, but I'm just happy I got the pictures taken on time.  It's hard to believe how quickly his first year is going.
He is now crawling all over the place.  He can even (slowly) crawl upstairs.  He is always pulling himself up on the couch and walking along it.  Still roaring around in his walker. 
He is getting two top teeth in right now.  I think they both finally cut all the way the through.  Hopefully he will get better at sleeping.  Speaking of sleeping, he isn't the best at it.  Well, he doesn't sleep how I would prefer him to sleep at least.  He almost always falls asleep while nursing.  Usually, if I stand up to lay him down, he'll wake up.  He still has quite a late bedtime at around 10 pm, but I blame that on our living situation.  At night, he wakes up crying a few times.  I bring him in bed and he will nurse for about 5 minutes or so and fall back to sleep.  Sometimes I fall asleep before he does so he doesn't make it back to his rocker. 
Always a mama's boy.  He is so attached to me and I feel bad for Penelope sometimes because he demands so much of my attention.  It's so pitiful when I go to the kitchen for something and there is a screaming, crawling baby chasing after me, thinking that I'm never coming back for him. 
He is also becoming difficult at bath time.  He is good for about ten minutes, then he tries to stand up or get out and I keep sitting him down and he doesn't like that.  So I try to give him a quick bath and call for back up to finish with Penelope.
I really love that he can crawl around now because he can entertain himself for a while.  He can go over to the toys he actually wants to play with instead of the ones I think he wants to play with.  Penelope is also very good at sharing with him.
He is eating more baby puffs and teething biscuits.  I'm still too nervous to give him much of anything else until his top teeth are all the way in.  He still worries me that he doesn't like bottles.  Maybe he just doesn't like the Nuk nipples.  I already know that he doesn't like formula anymore.  He was probably 4 or 5 months the last time he willing drank formula.  Even if I put breastmilk in a bottle, it's a fight.  I'm getting him a Comotomo bottle for Easter.  It has great reviews for nursing babies.  Hopefully that does the trick.  Probably another reason he is so "attached" to me. 
Penelope and he also had their first haircuts at the end of February.  Penelope just got a little trim, but Oliver got a lot taken off and it makes him look so much more grown up.  His hair seems fuller and hasn't been greasy since it's been cut.  If he would skip a bath or if I touched it too much, it got really greasy, now it's just fluffy all time!
Weight: He has a dr. appointment tomorrow.  If you are really curious about his stats, check with me tomorrow
Height: ?
Size Clothes: 12 months
Size Diapers: 4
Sleeping Habits: Sleeping longer at night and waking up for shorter periods.  Not a great napper.
Eating Habits: Still breastfeeding and eats a jar of baby food about once a day.

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