Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Baby moccasin sale!

Had to let my followers know about the sale I just found.  Baby moccasins are on sale at The Screaming Owl for $15.99!  ($3 shipping)  I just ordered some black ones for Oliver. 

These are the six pairs that they offer.  They are only available for one more week.  I have ordered gold moccs for Penelope before but from Jax Hoo.  A dollar of the proceeds go towards raising SIDS awareness.  They are twice as much as Screaming Owl (still half as much as Freshly Picked) but each one is made by a mother of two in her home and lots more color options are available. 
The only problem I have with Screaming Owl is that it takes forever to get them delivered.  Once their sale is over, they order all the products in bulk from a warehouse, then the warehouse ships it to them where they package them before they ship them to the buyers.  I bought leg warmers last year and I think it took about a month or so to get them. 

They also have soft bottoms.  If Penelope wears hers out of the house, we tend to carry her to and from the car so they don't get dirt, but it's great for a baby that is just learning to walk!

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