Friday, June 13, 2014

Oliver's "nursery"

Well, since we are temporarily living with my parents, Oliver doesn't have his own room yet. (Penelope does)  He does have his own area at the foot of our bed.  (To the left is our "living room")
We hung up his curtains behind his dresser for a nice back drop.  Makes me feel like it's a little more complete.  I'll put pictures in the two white frames once he's here.
I think this set-up is pretty similar to what it would look like in his own room.  Except his "O" would be on his door, rather than hanging from the ceiling.  (That's my hospital bag on the ground, waiting to be finished)

I haven't decided which changing pad to use, the one on the dresser, or bassinette.  They are different heights, so I'll try them both and remove which ever I don't use.  My mom made him the blanket that's on his bassinette.  We will have our own place by the time he is big enough for his crib.

Top left dresser drawer.  I hope I can keep it organized.  I can't believe how tiny his newborn diapers are.  They are the size of my hand!

Top right drawer: Socks, booties, bibs and hats. 
In the other dresser drawers are 0-3 clothes, newborn clothes, swaddling blankets and the bottom two drawers are blankets/sheets and wipes that I have been stocking up on for months.
I will do another post about the kids' rooms months from now when we buy a house and they have their own space and I get to paint and decorate everything! 

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