Monday, July 21, 2014

1 month old


Yesterday Oliver was a month old!  It's hard to believe.  But I think it's harder to believe that I've breastfed him for a month.  The first week wasn't looking too good.  He was very cranky last night when we were trying to get a decent picture of him.  He didn't end up going to bed until 1 am.  Ugh.  That happens about once or twice a week.   
Tomorrow we are going to Akron Children's Hospital for his spine scan of his anterior dimple.  The last PA who saw him said she probably wouldn't have even noticed it because it's so small.  That's why I'm not looking forward to driving there, because I know he will be ok and it's probably going to be a hassle taking the whole family.
We head for North Carolina on Friday!  We are getting a head start on everyone else because I have a good feeling that Oliver will slow us down.  That is something I'm starting to worry about.  Traveling 11 hours with a breastfed baby.  It will probably be closer to a 16 hour trip. 
Weight: 11 pounds (80%)
Height: 22 1/2 inches (82%)
Size Clothes:  I'm going to pack away him newborn clothes today.  The jammies still fit him, but the onesies are very hard to get on.  He has been wearing some 0-3 clothes for about a week now. Most of the newborn clothes I had were hand-me-downs but I had a couple new outfits.  It is sad that he only got to wear them once or twice.
Size Diapers: He has been in size 1 diapers for a week or two now.
Sleeping Habits: Naps in the morning and evening.  He wakes up twice a night and gets up around 9am.  When he naps in his swing, he fusses a lot then goes back to sleep.  Probably because he is in the living room with more noise around him.
Eating Habits: Getting better at spacing out feedings.  Can go 3 hours now, but usually only around 2.


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