Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 months old


I cannot believe that Oliver is really 5 months old already!  Nearly half a year!  The time really is going by fast.  I wish I had more to update about him.  It doesn't seem like much has changed since last month.  And this past month went by very quickly.  He still doesn't like being on his belly, so he is not very motivated to roll over from back to belly.

Penelope can always make him laugh and smile.  He loves watching her play and run around the room.  They went Trick or Treating a few weeks ago.  Penelope was a turkey and Oliver was a chicken.  They went two different days and Oliver was great hanging out in the stroller and napping most of the time.
He is quickly growing out of his 3-6 month clothes and I'll move him up just as soon as I get enough stocked up.  I ordered him a few things from Target and Old Navy that should be here soon.  Shopping online is so much easier than going out with two children!

He always tries to grab my food if he is sitting on my lap during dinner.  So I bought a jar of sweet potatoes to see how he liked it.  It was quite the mess, but he gobbled it up.  It was only about 1/3 of the jar.  Of course I had a white shirt on him and that is now stained.  He kept grabbing the jar and rubbing his hands all over the tray.  He hasn't really taken a bottle for a few weeks now and that makes me kind of nervous.  Maybe he just doesn't like the nipple on the bottle anymore, but I've tried two different ones.  It could just be the fact that he only has a bottle a few times a month and he gets confused.

We have been house hunting a lot and found a fixer-upper down the street from my parents.  If it all works out, I'll start a new blog just for that.  It would be so exciting to renovate a house! I really can't think of any more updates.  We have been staying in the house and out of the cold.  Until we run out of food and have to go to the grocery store.  It hopefully going to warm up this weekend though!
Well, Oliver is in his jumper, screaming because he is tired and Penelope is saying, "Don't worry, Oli, don't worry!"  So I better go!
Weight: 19.5 pounds
Height: not sure
Size Clothes:  3-6 months
Size Diapers: 3
Sleeping Habits: Still wakes up multiple times a night 
Eating Habits: Every 3 hours for 30-40 minutes.

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