Thursday, October 11, 2012


Time for the big nursery reveal!

Bought the curtains at Walmart.  My mom made the valence from left over bumper material. She also made all the bedding. My friend Manda helped me make the pom poms and my sister helped me hang them.

The crib and mattress were $40 but Josh probably spent close to $100 on hardware and spraypaint so we should have just bought it new.  Such a hassle. The baby gate underneath was free. 
The Bumbo was $10 and the bouncer was a gift from my mother-in-law.

Changing table was $15.  Top shelf is diapers, wipes/wipe warmer and receiving blankets. Bottom shelf is burp cloths, a bucket of hair bows and crib sheets. 

The dresser was $30 I think.  We bought new handles.  I sanded and painted the dresser and painted the handles yellow.  I paid $8 for the lamp from Dollar General and re-did the shade with extra fabric.  The little clock on the table is from WalMart and lights up pink. 

My breast pump is the black bag on the ground and I snagged it almost new from a girl on base for $40!  It's a double electric Ameda. Retails for $200.
The bench is filled with blankets and toys. Bench was free.  The giant measuring stick was a gift from Josh's co-worker.

I did splurge a little and spend $40 on the shelves.  But it looks so cute!
Josh's rocking chair from his grandma.  Someone is making me a seat cushion that matches the valence and bumper. 

Closet!  A few clothes hanging up.  My diaper cake on the shelf and the storage bin in filled with bibs, socks and shoes.  The floor gym is also being stored in there for now.

Organized chaos.  Diapers and wipes to last us a while!

This is the random stuff that doesn't have a place yet.  The pile has gotten a lot smaller!
We also have a swing that is in the living room, high chair in the dining room and pack n play/bassinet in our bedroom.  All for free!

We are still thinking of rearranging the room and putting the changing table in front of the window and centering the crib.  Then putting the rocking chair in the corner where the changing table is.
So there you go!  That is Penelope's room and how you do a nursery on a budget.  Everyone says that babies are so expensive but we haven't seen it yet.  Obviously we don't have a baby yet but all the supplies and preparation haven't broken our bank.   A DIY nursery will save you a lot of money and keep your eye out for deals from friends, family and yard sales! 


  1. Really nice Sara. You did a lot of work even in the closet! But you didn't mention the perfect pig piggy bank for Penelope! LOL

  2. great job! love it!