Saturday, October 27, 2012

Penelope Predictions

Here are the answers and winners to the Penelope Parrish Predictions game that was played at my Ohio baby shower:

Date: October 18
winners- Aunt Judy and Jenay Parrish both guessed Oct 18
someone also guessed the correct date, but didn't sign their paper

Time: 9:09 am
winners-  Arielle Miller with a guess of 8 am and Nancy Wires with a guess of 10:32 am

Weight: 7 inches and 2 oz.
winner- Deb Kyle and Melissa Carver were right on the money!

Length: 19 inches
winners- Jenay Parrish, my mama, Aunt Judy and Nanny Thompson all guessed 19 inches

Hair color: brown
winners- Heather Flickinger, Lizzz Lawrentz, Lisa Bantz, Aunt Suzie, Shawna Parrish, Nancy Wires, Shala Parrish, Katy Barrett, Melissa Carver, Aunt Judy and my mama all said brown or dark.

Amount of hair: lots!
winners- My mama, Aunt Judy, Katy Barrett, Shala Parrish, Lisa Bantz, Lizzz Lawrentz, Faith Stiteler, Arielle Miller, Deb Kyle. 

The overall winner is Aunt Judy.  She was off on the time by 5 hours and weight by 2 oz.  She was right on everything else! 

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