Wednesday, May 30, 2012

19 weeks 2 days

Baby girl is the size of a large tomato this week! I'm at the "I'm not getting any bigger" stage again. I'll have to start comparing older photos.  I feel like this week has been soooo slowwwww!  It's been less than a week since we found out we were having a girl and naming her Penelope!  I will probably call her Penny most of the time.  I've been posting just about everyday between gender and name announcements.  Don't know if my blog followers find that annoying or exciting, lol.  I also feel like this will be a longer post since so much has been going on since last week, so bear with me. =]

So let's begin with the ultrasound.  We spent about 30 minutes looking at the baby's body parts to make sure she looks good then the technician asked if we wanted to know the gender.  She said, "well I think it's a girl, but I can't prove it." She said her ankles we crossed so I went to the bathroom and shook her up some. haha. We got a great view then.  The technicial said, "well... I don't see any boy parts...."  Josh said, "I'm not convinced" So then the lady drew an arrow on the screen and wrote girl.  She said, "I have a pretty good track record, so if it's a boy, you let me know" Then Josh asked if their was another baby and the boy was hiding somewhere.  But we are both happy with a girl.  Of course he wanted a boy, but he doesn't even know yet how happy he will be with a little girl.  It took about 2 days for us to pick a name.  We kept narrowing down the list.  After a while I thought, this is ridiculous, in the end her name is going to be Penelope, so why are we dragging it out.  I have two middle names and one is Leona so that's how we got her middle name. I don't think it flows very well but Josh likes it.  We couldn't agree on any other middle names. 

My friend from work gave me a tub full of baby girl clothes, mostly newborn sizes.  It also had about 15 receiving blankets and bibs.  Tons of clothes!  But I'm glad we didn't spend a bunch on newborn clothes.  It's basically an entire wardrobe for a baby girl. Really nice clothes too, a lot from Carters.

The blue, green and pink outfits hanging up are the only things I have bought for her.
Annie and Reaver have to check everything out.

so many clothes!

I sanded and painted the dresser over the weekend.  Just need to get knobs for it.  I want to paint some details, but haven't decided what yet.  I don't want it to be solid white.  I also got my crib this weekend off of Craigslist.  I was going to order it online but it was out of stock everywhere and I wasn't willing to wait.  I will have to repaint it though.  I got a Jenny Lind crib, changing table and a dresser for a total of $90.  Bargain!  When we go home for my baby shower we are bringing back an old rocking chair that Josh is going to spruce up and my parents are bringing out an old toy chest/bench.  I might re-do that too. 

sanded down

all painted


So this Saturday my parents are coming to visit for a week and we are really going to get started on the nursery.  I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

How far along? 19 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 12 ish pounds
Maternity clothes? yes
Sleep: eh, sleep is never good but thank goodness for my body pillow
Best moment this week: finding out we are having a girl, naming her and getting a ton of baby clothes. oh! and getting a crib!
Miss Anything? flat tummy
Movement: nothing major, still just feels tingly.  
Food cravings: kit kats and smoked sausage and milkshakes and mcdonalds
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope, thank goodness the first trimester is over
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: It's a girl!Labor Signs: nope
Belly Button in or out? out
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: i've been pretty happy lately.
Looking forward to: working on the nursery

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