Tuesday, June 26, 2012

23 weeks 2 days

Penelope is the length and weight of a Harry Potter book!  Just wish I knew which one since books 1 and 7 are quite different.  But it's still crazy to think there is a Harry Potter book in my belly. 

So the big event for this week was registering for the baby shower.  We went to Target, almost on a whim.  I wasn't prepared at all.  I knew I wanted to register at Target but that's about all I knew.  I have seen lists for essentials, like how many wash clothes you will need and things like that.  I have also seen blogs and tips from moms about amazing baby products and which ones you shouldn't live without.  But I didn't review any of that.  I should have.

First off, the first thing we looked at was Pack N Plays.  We wanted to get one that was gender neutral so we can use it for future babies.  The Target lady told us that we needed to scan the actual product and not the barcode on the shelf.  So we looked below the display to find it in the box and it wasn't there.  None of the ones we liked were.  So frustrating.  We ended up picking one that was an off-brand and like $40.  I might go online and try to change it, but then I don't know if they would carry the same one in the store.  And I don't think anyone I know is going to order a Pack N Play off the internet.  They would probably skip over that on the list and go to something else they can find in the store.  So anyways, the first 15 minutes were frustrating with that.  Then I just had no idea what else to get and what we actually needed.  When I saw the nursing section, I was so overwhelmed.  I plan on breastfeeding, but that's really all I know so far.  I bought a breast pump too.  But I don't know if I need storage bags, or nursing pads, or creams or any of that other stuff.  So I guessed on some and skipped over most of it.  And we decided what kind of bottles we were going to use in 3 minutes.  There are so many kinds of bottles!  We just went with the kind that have the bags inside so there are less air bubbles.  There was a bunch of other stressful decisions I was not ready to make.  But at the same time, it was fun looking at cute baby things and trying to picture Penelope in a pink hooded bath towel.  It was also pretty cute to see what Josh picked out.  Hairbows, rubber duckies and baseball pacifiers. 

Then I was getting all sorts of advice from other mothers who saw I was registering.  I was told you can't rely on the sizes of clothes based on their age.  Like, a 5 month old could be wearing 9 month old clothes.  Which I already knew.  It's just a range to get an idea.  But I still had to smile and act like this was the best piece of advice I have ever heard.  Another woman told me that if you have a baby boy, you are not supposed to use lavander bath soap.  Neither of us knew why, but that's something she heard.  Don't have to worry about that though.  She also said that the best diaper rash cream is Mr Smith's or Dr. Smith's.  Can't remember but I scanned her tube to put on my registery!  Haha.  She said it's only available behind that pharmacy, so that may confuse my baby shower guests if they go to look for it. 

Josh and I don't really shop well together.  Mostly because I know he doesn't like to shop so I try to hurry and get frustrated because I don't want to take too long because then he will be grouchy.  So were both kind of short with each other when we were leaving.  I wish I could have actually shopped instead of just registering because it was an hour drive to get there.  But I'll go back sometime; there is an Old Navy near it too.  Nothing but Walmart is close to us.

Today I think we finally set a baby shower date.  September 1.  The plan is to drive home with Reaver around Aug 28 or 29.  Still don't know what we are going to do with Annie.  Cats don't travel well and we will be gone 2 weeks.  Would feel bad leaving her alone with just someone to check on her for that long.  So, get to Ohio a few days before the shower, have the shower on the first, hang out and visit for a week. Bruce Springsteen concert on Sept 8! So we will drive with my parents and sister to Chicago for the concert and leave Reaver with his mom.  Drive back to Ohio after the concert then finally back to Missouri.  A lot of driving, but the easiest solution we could come up with since we are bringing Reaver to Ohio and the concert is the first week of September. But all very exciting!

How far along? 23 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 22 pounds
Maternity clothes? yes
Sleep: been getting up at 530 for work.  been sooo tired lately.
Best moment this week: working out shower details 
Miss Anything? thinner thighs
Movement: she's kicking a lot, mostly while i'm in bed
Food cravings: nothing really for this week
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope, thank goodness the first trimester is over
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: It's a girl!
Labor Signs: nope
Belly Button in or out? out, since like, week 10.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: eh, kinda moody, kinda happy
Looking forward to: finishing the nursery


  1. I love that you compared the size on Penelope to the size and weight of a Harry Potter book :)

    I can totally sympathize with the baby registry being overwhelming! I did it with a friend (her hubs got to stay home--lucky dog!) a few months ago...4 hours later (and several trips later) she was finally registered haha. I feel your pain!

  2. Luckily, a lot of people will use the registry as a reference, but get something that might not be on the registry. Moms know that there are things you don't even know you will need! You are getting so big! Still look great!

  3. Yeay!!! We get grandparenting time with Reaver!

  4. don't know HOW my name got changed to mama. sorry. supposed to be mamaw Wires. lol.

  5. Here are my stranger tips :) Nipple cream is a must, like get a few jars of it. I love the burts bees diaper cream, and well their everything. If you dont live close to a store I would go with something other than a drop in bottle, plus the nipple is so weird on the Platex ones I think that it causes more nipple confusion!

  6. Oh jeez, I hear you on shopping with the husband! I felt the same exact way when we registered at Babies R Us. I want to register at Target too and fully intend on leaving my daughter at home with him and going by myself so I can be as long as I want.

    I love the Playtex drop ins! And they make special nurser ones with nipples to use for people who nurse, so I don't think you will have a problem with nipple confusion :)