Wednesday, April 11, 2012

12 weeks 2 days

Time for baby pictures!  What I learned from the ultrasound is that my baby is measuring at 3 inches which is the size of a 13 week baby.  Either I'm further along, or I have a big baby.  The ultrasound technician said measuring the baby at 6 weeks is the most accurate prediction for due date and such.  So my due date is not changing, (or it would be Oct 17) and I'm still 12 weeks and 2 days and not 13 weeks. So baby is not the size of a large plum, but the size of a peach.  My chalkboard is going to be all messed up because I have a big baby!  Just kidding, I can deal with it, lol.

I will find out in a week if my baby has a high risk for genetic issues.  They measured its neck and took blood from me.  The lady said since it's a healthy size, the risk is low.

Also, it was too early to see if it's a boy or girl so I'll have to wait until 20 weeks like everyone else.  2 more months seems soooo long from now! =(

It was very exciting to see that there really is a baby in my belly and it really looks like a baby now.  And it was moving so much!  We could see it swallowing and see the fluid that it swallowed in its belly.  It really was dancing around and really cool to see but also kind of strange since I couldn't feel anything and won't be able to until about 18 weeks.

position baby was in most of the time



 this one just looks like an alien

i wish you could see this clearer. it's part of the face.

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