Thursday, April 26, 2012

14 weeks 3 days

So I need to vent.  I work at a military golf course.  For anyone that knows about the military, when someone is put on "profile" that means there is something about them, usually an injury, that prevents them from doing their job 100% so their profile gives them restrictions for their specific job.  Even though I'm a civilian, I was put on a pregnancy profile.  I don't have many restictions, I just can't be around certain cleaning supplies like bleach and I'm not supposed to stand for more than two hours.  Standing is pretty much all I do.  I work inside so I just stand behind the counter until someone orders lunch or wants to golf and I ring them up.  My back has been killing me and my feet hurt from standing for 6 hours so I make sure I don't stand over two hours.  Unless I sit in the dining room area, which I think looks unprofessional, I sit in the back room by the computer.  It is right behind the cash register so if I see someone, I get up to help them.  Some people go to the side of the cash register where I can't see them, and say, "hellooooo!" That drives me nuts because it's not the front desk area. Ugh, whatever.

So yesterday my back was hurting a lot and I was working by myself and we are usally pretty slow at night.  I probably had ten customers in six hours.  So anyways, today when I go into work my boss said that a customer was complaining last night that I was sitting on the computer in the back all night and that I didn't help him.  Well if I didn't help him it was because I didn't see him and he didn't say anything.  He obviously saw so he should have said something.  Oh, and this customer was my boss' boss' son.  So my boss is telling me that I shouldn't be on the computer when I'm supposed to be working and 'if there is time to lean, there is time to clean.'  That makes me mad too because he hasn't hired a janitor yet so it's up to us to clean up even though it's not part of our job and we don't get paid near as much as a janitor would.   

So he's telling me all this and all I'm doing is nodding and saying ok.  I know I could have been like, ummm.... my midwife and the military said I'm supposed to be sitting down at work, and my back hurts a lot.  He has my profile so he should be aware of my job restrictions. Maybe I should have just called in and said I wasn't able to come into work that day since it hurt to stand.  But that's not the kind of person I am.  Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones/emotions but I was trying not to cry because I was in trouble I guess.  Thankfully I only had 20 minutes left of my shift when he told me because I was in a rotten mood the rest of the time. 

I guess it looks bad because the only chair in the back, is at the computer so natuarally I was on the computer (doing homework, I swear!).  But if I was a different person I would have confronted that customer and told him that even though I don't look pregnant under our baggy work shirts, I'm 3 1/2 months along and I'm allowed to sit at work and my back hurts and he's a stupid boy who doesn't know anything about being pregnant! It's better than sitting in the dining room in front of the television.

Anyways, I needed to vent because I don't think I did anything wrong and my boss made me feel like a lazy worker and I don't like that. 

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